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Dispatch: Assigning and Adding Drivers

Convoy requires drivers to be assigned for all shipments.

Having the correct drivers assigned to each shipment benefits everyone:

  • Easy load monitoring. Convoy and dispatchers are able to monitor loads through the Convoy app. If you have the correct driver assigned and using the app, then we do not have to reach out for updates as often.
  • Easy detention requests. As long as the correct driver is assigned with their app and location services on, requesting detention easy. Learn more about how to request Detention through the Convoy app.
  • Qualify for Quick Pay. One of the requirements of Quick Pay is to have the correct driver assigned. Learn more about how to qualify for Quick Pay.
  • Improve your Carrier Scorecard. Driver assignment is an important factor in a carrier's performance score.

It is the dispatcher's responsibility to ensure the drivers moving Convoy shipments are using the Convoy app and are correctly assigned to each shipment. Follow these links for some helpful resources to make sure you're ready for your next Convoy load:

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