How do I request detention?


It’s easy to get compensated for eligible wait time at facilities by requesting hassle-free detention in the Convoy app. Before requesting, please ensure that you meet the following criteria:

  • The driver must log in to the Convoy app and enable location services at least 4 hours before the scheduled pickup time, and maintain tracking until the load is delivered.

  • The driver must arrive on time to the scheduled appointment time with necessary equipment in proper condition, as indicated in the Convoy app.

  • The driver's location must verify their presence at the facility.

  • The carrier must upload the required paperwork, including the BOL document, through the Convoy app. The BOL should include in/out timestamps and bear a signature from an authorized facility employee.

Note: Detention charges are processed by brokers through the Convoy Platform. The broker maintains ultimate authority to approve detention payments.

Hassle-free detention request instructions:

  1. Tap “My Loads” in the bottom navigation bar, then tap the "Booked" tab to see active and upcoming loads.

  2. Tap on the load for which you want to request detention.

  3. Tap the support icon at the top right of the screen.

  4. Tap “Request Hassle-free Detention”

  5. The Convoy app will show whether detention has been approved or not.

Manual detention instructions:

If you are unable to request detention through the app or it is denied, please manually request detention by contacting the broker of the load by selecting the support option located on the load details page. Requests must be made within 24 hours of completing the shipment and must be accompanied by a BOL that has in/out timestamps from the facility with a signature from an employee at the facility confirming the times. If it is a load brokered by Flexport Freight LLC, manual requests can be made by completing this form: