How do I request detention?

It’s easy to get compensated for eligible wait time at facilities by requesting hassle-free detention in the Convoy app.

To receive hassle-free detention, you must first report a problem at a facility and then request detention in the Convoy app before you complete the stop. Follow the steps below to request hassle-free detention. Additional details related to manual detention requests can be found further below.

Hassle-free detention request instructions:

  1. Tap “My Loads” in the bottom navigation bar, then tap the "Booked" tab to see active and upcoming loads.

  2. Tap on the load for which you want to request detention.

  3. Tap the support icon at the top right of the screen.

  4. On the support page, tap “Report Problem” and follow the prompts to provide information about the problem. Once complete, tap “Send to Convoy.”

  5. On the report confirmation page, tap  “Add supporting photos” if applicable (see your rate confirmation and load details for specific instructions) or “Exit” to continue. 

  6. After reporting a problem at a facility, you’ll have the ability to tap “Request Hassle-free Detention” for that stop. 

  7. Within 24 hours of requesting detention, the Convoy app will show whether detention has been approved or not.

Manual detention instructions:

If you did not request detention prior to completing a stop or your detention was not approved, you are not eligible for hassle-free detention through the app. You can still file a detention request using our manual request form. Requests must be made within 24 hours of completing the shipment and must be accompanied by a BOL that has in/out timestamps from the facility with a signature from an employee at the facility confirming the times.