How does QuickPay work?

QuickPay offers fast and flexible payment speeds to meet your business needs. Carriers that choose to get paid directly for loads booked via the Convoy Platform can select from different QuickPay options on every load. You can also adjust the payout speed from the time you book, up until your BOL is approved.

Payout speed options include payment in 30 days (for free), payment in two days (for a low fee), and same-day payment (for a low fee). Carriers can become eligible for discounts on QuickPay fees by meeting the app-use requirements.

What are my QuickPay options with the discount?

If you follow the app-use requirements to earn the QuickPay discount, you can choose from the following payout speeds and associated fees.

QuickPay Payout Speed

Fee (with discount)




1%, no minimum


1.75%, (min $5)

What are my QuickPay options without the discount?

For shipments that did not meet the Convoy app-use requirements, you still have access to QuickPay payment speeds on every load. Below is the QuickPay payment speeds and associated fees without the discount.

QuickPay Payout Speed

Fee (without discount)




2%, (min $10)


3.5%, (min $15)

*Note: Carriers must complete 5 shipments in the last 365 days before they can select Same-Day QuickPay without the discount.

How can I become eligible for the QuickPay discount?

  • Assign the correct driver to the shipment using the Convoy app at least 4 hours before the shipment’s pickup appointment.

  • The driver must log in to the Convoy mobile app and enable location services at least 4 hours before the scheduled pickup time, maintaining this until the load is delivered. The driver's location data must verify their presence inside each facility from the time they mark as arrived until their departure.

  • If the driver anticipates being late to any appointment, they must notify this at least 4 hours in advance via the Convoy app, phone, or email.

  • The driver must mark each stop (including pickup and dropoff) as complete in the Convoy app.

  • Upload all the complete and correct paperwork from the shipper and receiver, including a signed Bill of Lading (BOL), through the Convoy app, within 24 hours of completing the shipment.

As a reminder, the Convoy app is completely free to use - there are no sign-up fees or monthly fees.