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Quality App Use Troubleshooting

Unsure why a load is not qualifying for Quality App use?  Use these troubleshooting steps to make sure that the phone settings are not interfering with Convoy's ability to track the location of the device.

  1. Verify that Power Save mode or Battery Optimization is disabled.  When Power save mode is enabled, the device attempts to preserve battery life by turning off location services.  This in turn affects your quality app use score. To avoid this, please ensure Power save mode is turned off while on Convoy shipments or ensure the device is kept charged.   
    • Click here for instructions on how to disable Android battery optimization.
    • Click here for instructions on how to disable iPhone power save mode.
  2. Confirm the payment profile has been set up.  If you have not completed your payment profile, setup can be completed here
  3. Make sure that only a single device is logged in using its unique phone number.  Having multiple devices logged in under the same phone number interrupts our ability to track location services because our system does not know which device to ping for GPS.  Please be sure to only log into the Convoy app using that device's unique phone number.  If you would like to set up a log in for your other device, please add the device (and its unique phone #) to your Fleet.  Instructions for this can be found here.
  4. Check to make sure that the most recent app version is downloaded. To do this, go to the app store to check for available updates for the Convoy app. We recommend turning on automatic updates so that this step does not have to be done manually each time an update is available.

Click here to learn more about your Quality App Use requirements.


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