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Quality App Use


Convoy's App Use Policy:

  1. The correct driver and/or device is assigned to the shipment.
  2. Location services are enabled 3.5 hours prior to pickup.
  3. Location services remain enabled throughout the entire shipment.
  4. Driver/Dispatcher marks completion events.
  5. BOL is uploaded into the app within 24 hours of completing the final delivery stop of a shipment.


You can identify the loads impacting your score by selecting the “Profile” tab and tapping the scorecard metric: APP USE. If you have any questions or concerns about a load, you can click Request Review directly in the app and we will happily review.


While hauling a load through Convoy, it is expected that the carrier provides automated location information. By providing this information, Convoy is better able to service carriers by reducing or eliminating ETA calls, responding faster to problems on loads, and allowing carriers to receive automated detention payout. 


To satisfy automated location information requirements, a carrier must meet all of the following conditions on a shipment:

  1. The correct driver and/or device is assigned to a shipment.
    • Explanation: If a dispatcher secures loads, please change the ‘Driver’ to the individual that will be hauling the shipment. The individual assigned as the driver on a shipment will have their location services tracked. This allows Convoy to properly track the shipment.
  2. Driver completion event: For each step of a shipment (pickup and stops), a completion event needs to be logged, either through an automatic trigger via GPS, or by the driver manually selecting the load progress button upon completion. 
    • Explanation: Properly completed events allow us to monitor the progress of shipments in real time, ensuring efficient deliveries. The information we gather from this can be used to adjust transit times, understand facility wait times, and properly compensate for detention.
  3. Location services are turned on: The tracked device has location services enabled starting 3.5 hours prior to the scheduled pickup appointment time and continuing throughout the entirety of the load. Location services also need to be turned on for empty trailer pick up and drop offs.
    • Explanation: With location services turned on, Convoy is able to provide accurate and timely ETA updates to shippers which ultimately results in significantly fewer ETA calls and text messages.
  4. Uploaded Bill of Lading: A clear picture of all signed Bills of Lading (BOLs) is uploaded via the Convoy app within 24 hours of completing the final delivery stop of a shipment. If you use a factoring company for payment, you still must upload a BOL within the timeframe. Please note, sending the BOL via email does not qualify as app-using, as the BOL must be uploaded via the app to meet this requirement. Learn how here.

Following all these steps and still not qualifying for Quality App Use?  Check out this article for assistance troubleshooting.


How to ensure a phone is connecting properly to the Convoy app:

  • Location services are enabled to ALWAYS ON. See how here.
  • Ensure only one device is logged into a single user account (only log into the Convoy app using that device's unique phone number).
  • Power save mode is OFF. Having a charging cable on-hand during a shipment.
  • If a phone has an OEM/Carrier power saving mode, turn OFF or white list Convoy.

Benefits of using the Convoy app:

  • Hassle-free Detention: The location services in the app allow us to clearly understand the length of time in the yard beyond your appointment time, easily allowing us to offer detention payments without the hassle of the normal back and forth.
  • QuickPay™️: Shipments that are ‘app using’ qualify for QuickPay™️, allowing you to get paid sooner, without the need to use factoring companies.
  • Hassle-free experience: With the app providing us with automatic shipment updates, Convoy is able to understand where there may be delays. With that information, we’re able to cut down significantly on the amount we contact you via call and text, and proactively work to ensure you do not experience additional problems on your next stops.


To view Convoy driver app use standards, visit here:

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