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Cancelling/Falling off Loads

At Convoy, we take falloffs/cancellations seriously. Completing the loads you accept is an important part of doing business together. That said, we understand that it sometimes is necessary to cancel a load due to unforeseen circumstances.


We track each cancellation but it only impacts your access to Convoy loads when it becomes a trend or habit over time. If you must fall off a load, please notify Convoy immediately. Learn how to cancel a load here.


You can identify the loads impacting your score by selecting the Past Jobs tab on the main menu, and selecting the scorecard metric: FALL OFFS.


More Information on Falloffs:

  • Falling off shipment more than 48 hours prior to the pickup appointment or end of pickup window, will not count against a carrier. 
  • When falling off with less than 48 hours to pick, carriers will receive credit (see article about Severity here) the earlier they falloff.
    • For example, carriers falling off 36 hours prior to pickup will receive more credit than if they fall off 24 hours or less to pick up.
  • Carriers falling off with less than 24 hours to pick receive no credit.
  • When a falloff is cancelled due to carrier-side issues, the falloff will count against the carrier. If Convoy or the shipper is unable to have the load ready on-time, or provide necessary information for the carrier to successfully pick up the shipment, then the falloff will count as a completed shipment for the carrier.
  • If you mistakenly accept a load, make sure you immediately cancel following acceptance. The load will not count against the carrier if it is cancelled within one hour after acceptance and there is more than 24 hours until the pickup appointment. The quickest way to cancel a load is requesting it via the app. Instructions here.


Common issues that lead to falloffs impacting scorecards:

  • Accidentally clicking to accept a load you don’t intend to take
  • Regularly maintaining equipment to avoid breakdowns and trailer rejections 
  • Overbooking your trucks or not planning sufficient time in between shipments
  • Misreading shipment details prior to accepting a load
  • Failure to keep insurance documents up-to-date with RMIS
  • Maintaining compliance status by following FMCSA safety guidelines
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