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What do I do if my BOL is rejected?

Uploading clear, complete BOLs in the Convoy app is the final step to confirm delivery on a shipment. If your BOLs have been rejected, follow this paperwork guide!

Helpful Tip!

Convoy sends emails and text messages when paperwork is missing or rejected. Checking your text history or searching your email for the load ID can help you find the reason for rejected paperwork.

If you have any questions about your BOL, please email


Here are some common reasons why BOLs are rejected:

IMAGE QUALITY ISSUE: We need a new copy of this paperwork. Having trouble? Make sure the BOL is on a flat surface, in a space with good lighting. Hold the camera steady and take a photo.

  • BLURRINESS: The BOL uploaded is too blurry for our billing team to approve.
  • CONTRAST: The BOL uploaded is either too light or too dark for our billing team to approve.
  • CROPPED: Our billing team couldn't read all the information on your BOL. Please make sure all four corners of the BOL are visible.

INCOMPLETE: The BOL submitted is missing something. Please make sure that all lumper receipts, and supplemental pages have been uploaded. If an EFS code was issued, a receipt is required. If your BOL has notes about a supplemental page, or a packing list, this is required for payment. If you delivered to a Costco facility, the Costco receiving ticket is required for payment.


MISSING BOL: No BOL has been received! Please make sure you upload all paperwork received at the facility.


MISSING PAGES: The document you submitted is incomplete. If your BOL states that there are multiple pages or a master BOL, we require a picture of each page. If your shipment covered multiple POs, we require documentation for each PO.

WRONG SHIPMENT: The BOL provided does not match the shipment details. Please check your rate confirmation and make sure the information matches up. You can use the contact information provided on your rate confirmation to contact the facilities to request copies of BOLs if necessary.

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