What's the best way to contact support?

All in-transit issues and payment questions will be handled by the broker of record for the load.

Using the Convoy app is the best way to get support from the broker of the load.

  1. Open the app and go to the load details page of the active load

  2. Select the Support icon in the upper right-hand corner

  3. From here, you can report a problem to the broker's support team or call the broker's support team directly.

NOTE: The support line of the broker is also listed in the rate confirmation for the load.

For app and account based support:

For issues with your Convoy account or app, please email the following:

Carrier access questions: carrieraccess@convoy.com 

Carrier insurance: carrierinsurance@convoy.com 

App issues: carriersupport@convoy.com 

Factoring support and NOA's: factoringsupport@convoy.com

You can also report an issue with the app or suggest improvements directly in the app by going to the "Services" tab in the bottom menu and selecting "Give Convoy Feedback."