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How do I give feedback or report a problem with the app?

If the app isn't working as you would expect, we want to investigate! The best way to alert our technical support team about your issues is through the "Give Feedback" option on the main menu. 

Steps to Giving Feedback in the App: 


Tap on the main menu by selecting the three lines in the top left hand corner of the app.



Select "Give Feedback".


3. a)

Select "Report an Issue" to report a technical issue with the app. Describe what you experienced and be as specific as possible. When possible, add screenshots to illustrate the issue by clicking "Add a Photo".


3. b)

Select "Suggest Improvement" to give feedback to our Carrier Experience team.


3. c) 

For Load Feedback, you will be instructed to "Report a Problem" on a existing load. Using this tool will escalate your issue to a manager for direct followup by our live operations team. 

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