QuickPay Discount Terms and Conditions

Discounts on Same-Day and Two-Day QuickPay payouts are available under the following conditions:

  1. The driver for the load is assigned at least 4 hours prior to pick up and uses the Convoy app, including updating completion events at each stop. 

  2. The assigned driver must have location services turned on via the Convoy app for the entirety of the load, including arrival and departure from the assigned facilities, starting 4 hours prior to the scheduled pickup appointment time. The driver’s location data must verify their presence inside each facility from the time they mark as arrived until their departure. 

  3. If the driver anticipates being late to any appointment, they must notify the broker of the load at least 4 hours in advance via the Convoy app.

  4. All necessary paperwork from the shipper, including the complete and signed Bill of Lading (BOL) is uploaded via the Convoy app within 24 hours of completing the shipment.

  5. QuickPay payment speed options will be dependent on which payment speeds the broker of record offers.

  6. QuickPay is not available on factored loads.  

To receive QuickPay payouts via Convoy (with or without the discount), the following must be true:

  • The carrier has agreed to the Convoy Platform Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at the time of load booking. 

  • The carrier has agreed to the Broker of Record Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at the time of booking. 

  • The carrier must have a bank account or debit card on file in their payment profile. If they do not have a bank account or debit card on file at the time of payment, their payout will be delayed. A debit card is required to receive Same-Day QuickPay.