FAQ: Convoy Platform Safety Scores


 What is the Convoy Platform safety score?

The Convoy Platform uses data from the FMCSA to create a safety score for each carrier in the network. If a carrier’s score is over threshold, they will be ineligible to book loads on the platform. 

Why is my score over threshold? 

Some factors that can contribute to the Convoy Safety Score include:

  • Crash history 

  • Speeding or traffic violations

  • Hours of Service violations 

  • Out-Of-Service violations  

You can view data on your company's violation and crash history on the FMCSA's SMS website.


Is the Convoy Platform safety score different from FMCSA scores and ratings?

Yes, they are different. The Convoy Platform uses data from the FMCSA to create a safety score for motor carriers. This score is internal to the platform and separate from FMCSA safety ratings and BASIC scores.


How do I improve my safety score?

Review your company’s violation history on the SMS website to determine where you are receiving violations and assess where you can improve your safety. 

The following resources from the FMCSA contain information meant to help carriers operate more safely:

Accuracy of your registration information matters. If you feel the information in your FMCSA and DOT registration is not an accurate reflection of your company profile, you may wish to take steps to update it with the FMCSA here


How will I know when my company meets safety standards?

We will automatically send you load offers the instant we can work together again. 


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