What are the Convoy Platform’s compliance requirements?


Carriers may receive a notification that they do not currently fit the Convoy Platform's compliance requirements. This is generally because of the company's FMCSA Safety Rating, operating authority status, or Convoy Platform safety score. 

FMCSA Safety Rating

Convoy works with carriers who are either satisfactory or not rated. 

Carriers with a conditional rating can work with Convoy once the rating has been changed by the FMCSA to satisfactory or not rated. 

Operating Authority

All carriers must have an active USDOT number and applicable intrastate permit in order to book loads through the Convoy Platform. 

Carriers interested in interstate freight must have an active MC number to book interstate shipments. For more information, visit the FMCSA’s web page on operating authority.


Convoy Platform Safety Scores

The Convoy Platform uses data from the FMCSA to create a score for each carrier in the network. Carriers who are over the score threshold are ineligible to books loads on the platform. Some factors that can contribute to the safety score include: 

  • Crash history 

  • Speeding or traffic violations

  • Hours of Service violations 

  • Out-Of-Service violations  

You can view your violation and crash history on the FMCSA's SMS website. The FMCSA’s guide on improving FMCSA safety compliance may be helpful in improving the Convoy Platform safety scores. Please see our FAQ on Convoy safety scores for more information. 


Want more information on your company?

Have questions about whether you meet the Convoy platform’s compliance standards? Contact carrieraccess@convoy.com