How do I complete a load?

To haul loads booked through the Convoy Platform, ensure that your location services from your phone's settings are turned on for the Convoy app. Leave location services on for the entire trip.

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Convoy app.

  2. Tap “My Loads".

  3. Tap “Booked".

  4. Tap the active load.

  5. Arrive at the pickup location. When your truck is loaded, tap “Complete Pickup” and then “Confirm Pickup” to confirm.

  6. Arrive at the drop-off location. When your truck has been unloaded, tap "Complete Delivery" and then "Confirm Delivery".

  7. Finally, you will need to upload your BOL to the Convoy app. Submitting your BOL is required to get paid, even if you use a factoring company.