How do I give feedback or report a problem with the app?

If you have ideas to improve the app experience for carriers, we want to hear from you! If the app isn't working as you would expect, we want to investigate! The best way to alert our technical support team about your issues is through the "Give Feedback" option in the app.

Steps to give Convoy app feedback: 

  1. Open the Convoy app and tap ‘Services’ in the bottom menu

  2. Under the ‘Account & App Support’ section, tap ‘Give Convoy Feedback’

  3. Choose from the following options:

    1. Report an issue with the app

    2. Suggest an improvement

  4. Provide details and if applicable, include photos

  5. Tap “Submit Feedback”

If you are unable to use the Convoy app to report a problem, please email for your app-related issue.