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How do carriers work with third-party loads on Convoy?

Program Overview:

What are third-party loads on Convoy?

Convoy allows third-party brokers to offer loads to carriers within its digital freight network. This means that there are even more loads available via Convoy for carriers to keep their trucks full and reduce empty miles.  

While carriers are able to bid on and win third-party loads via Convoy, use the Convoy app while in transit, and have payments managed by Convoy, the carrier’s contractual relationship is with the third-party broker.


Who is my relationship with for third-party loads?

While you can bid on and win third-party loads via Convoy and expect a similar experience while hauling the load, your contractual relationship on these loads is with the third-party broker. 

Carriers will establish a relationship with the third-party broker during the booking process and receive an automated rate confirmation from Convoy indicating that the third-party broker is the broker of record on the load.

How can I learn more about this program?

Check out Convoy’s blog post here!


Booking a Third-Party Load

How will I know if I am working with a third-party load on Convoy?

As a carrier, your experience finding and bidding on loads is the same regardless of whether the loads are offered by a third-party broker or Convoy. You will learn if your load is from a third-party broker once your bid is accepted. At this point, you have the option to confirm that you still want the load, continue the process of confirming the load with the third-party broker, or you can decline the load.


Can I “Book Now” with third-party loads? 

No, the only way to book third-party loads is to bid on them. 


What is the process for booking a third-party load?

After your bid has been accepted, you will need to complete an onboarding packet from the third-party broker if you aren’t already set up as an active carrier in their system. You will receive an email with directions and a link to the carrier packet, which upon completion, establishes your relationship with the broker. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll have the opportunity to decline the load if you decide not to take it. You will then receive a rate con, with the third-party broker’s name and information. For any subsequent loads with the same third-party broker, you skip this onboarding step, and simply receive your rate confirmation when your bid wins.



What information can third-party brokers see about my carrier when I submit a bid?
Upon submitting your bid, third-party brokers will be able to see your carrier’s name, MC/DOT number, and your on-time delivery rate.



Hauling a Third-Party Shipment 

Who do I contact if I have in-transit issues while hauling third-party loads? 

If you or your drivers experience in-transit issues while hauling third-party loads, please contact the third-party broker rather than Convoy. The broker’s contact information is available in the app as well on the rate confirmation

For app support or payment-related issues, please contact Convoy at 425-214-1769 ext: 4.


How do I contact the third-party broker? 

When your carrier is assigned to a third-party shipment, open the “Load Details” and tap the “Support” button in the top right-hand corner of the Convoy app. Here, you can access “Job Contacts” to find the contact information for the broker on your third-party load. Please note that if you call Convoy’s support line (425-214-1769 ext: 1) for questions about a third-party load, your call will be transferred to the third-party broker.


Payments and Incidentals

Who pays me for completed third-party loads?

Payment will be made in accordance with your payment profile with Convoy. Should you use a factoring company, you are responsible for directing your factoring company to Convoy for payment inquiries, not the third-party broker.


What is Convoy’s incidental policy for third-party shipments?

Convoy requires third-party brokers to adopt Convoy’s payment and incidental policies. As a carrier, this means you still benefit from our industry-leading payment offerings, like free QuickPayTM, hassle-free detention, and in-app lumper codes. Carriers can review these links to learn more about Convoy’s incidental policy for truck orders not used (TONU) and detention


Who is responsible for approving detention and lumper payments for third-party loads?

When you haul third-party loads, you still benefit from Convoy’s industry-leading hassle-free detention and in-app lumper payments


Who is responsible for approving TONU and extra incidental fees associated with third-party loads?

The third-party broker is responsible for approving truck orders not used (TONU), layovers, and extra stop fees. Once approved, payment is handled through Convoy.

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