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Carrier Account Reactivation

If a carrier has been deactivated from the Convoy network (typically due to failing to meet Convoy's performance standards), they are welcome to reach out and inquire about account reactivation.  Convoy finds that in general, it takes 6 months to implement meaningful changes in a carrier company that will allow them to be successful in the Convoy network. Requests made before this 6-month period will not be considered for account reactivation.


To initiate the reactivation process, please email from an email address on file with Convoy or the FMCSA with the following information:

  • MC/DOT number
  • Explanation of the changes that have been implemented within your company, specifically related to scheduling, driver app education, fleet management, and staffing.

Once reactivated, carriers must proceed through a guided probation period.  During this period, the carrier must maintain quality scores above the threshold for the metric they were originally deactivated for. The carrier will remain in the Guided Probation phase until they achieve an overall rating of "Acceptable."


Request Reactivation


Please contact with any additional questions.

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