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On-Time Arrival

Convoy's On-Time Policy:

The further past the appointment time you arrive, the more impact it will have to your scorecard.


Late arrivals that DO NOT impact your scorecard:

  1. Arriving late to a stop due to a delay at a previous Convoy stop (not caused by the carrier).
  2. Arriving within 10 minutes of the scheduled appointment time.
  3. Arriving reasonably late to pickup due to accepting the shipment within 2 hours of the pickup appointment time.

Late arrivals that DO impact your scorecard:

  1. Arriving more than 10 minutes past the scheduled appointment time.
  2. Arriving late to a stop due to overbooking yourself on shipments (not allowing enough time for unloading/unloading + transit).
  3. Arriving late to an empty trailer return appointment.


You can check the loads impacting your score by selecting the Profile tab, and selecting the scorecard metric: ON-TIME. If you have any questions or concerns about a load, you can click Request Review directly in the app and we will happily review.


At Convoy, arriving on-time to your appointment is vital in ensuring we can continue providing a diverse selection of loads to the carriers in our network. On-time is measured by whether you arrive at each stop by the appointment time listed on the rate confirmation. Carriers can also receive partial credit if they arrive less than 60 minutes after their appointment, while carriers that arrive 60 minutes or more after their appointment will be considered 100% late. Visit here to learn more about Severity.


More Information on On-time:

  • Convoy tracks if the driver arrives on-time to each stop of a shipment, including trailer returns. This is then combined into an overall on-time score for the shipment by weighting each stop based on its importance to the successful completion of the load. Generally, importance is weighted with Live having the most importance, and then Loaded Trailers, and then Empty Trailers
    • Example: A shipment with a late to a Live stop and an on-time to an Empty Trailer stop will have a lower score than being on-time to a Live Stop and late to an Empty Trailer stop.
  • Carriers that arrive late to a stop because they were delayed at a previous Convoy stop will be excused if the carrier was on-time to the previous stop and was delayed due to facility issues,  making it infeasible to arrive on-time to the next stop.
  • Carriers who show a consistent history of manually entering arrival times may stop receiving full on-time credit.
  • While arriving on-time is important, please be aware of facility rules listed on the rate confirmation on how early you can arrive at the facility. Many facilities allow you to check in early, while others will not allow check in prior to appointment time.
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