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Carrier Performance Metrics and Evaluation



Convoy determines carrier quality based on three quality metrics: On-Time, Falloffs (Cancellations), and Driver App Use. Based on the quality metric score, a carrier is assigned one of the four scores of Excellent, Acceptable, At Risk, or Suspension. 

You are able to view your scorecard in the Convoy app under "Profile". 

Quality Metric Details:

Convoy's On-Time Policy:


The further past the appointment time you arrive, the more impact it will have on your scorecard.

Late arrivals that DO NOT impact your scorecard:

  1. Arriving late to a stop due to a delay at a previous Convoy stop (not caused by the carrier).
  2. Arriving within 10 minutes of the scheduled appointment time.
  3. Arriving reasonably late to the pickup due to accepting the shipment within 2 hours of the pickup appointment time.

Late arrivals that DO impact your scorecard:

  1. Arriving more than 10 minutes past the scheduled appointment time.
  2. Arriving late to a stop due to overbooking yourself on shipments (not allowing enough time for unloading/unloading + transit).

On-time is measured by whether you arrive at each stop by the appointment time listed on the ratecon. Carriers can also receive partial credit if they arrive less than 60 minutes after their appointment, while carriers that arrive 60 minutes or more after their appointment will be considered 100% late. Visit here to learn more about Severity.

You can learn more about Convoy's On-Time expectations here.


Convoy's Falloff Policy:


Falloff occurs more than 48 hours prior to pickup = No Scorecard Impact

Falloff occurs between 24 - 48 hours prior to pickup = Partial Scorecard Impact 

Falloff occurs less than 24 hours prior to pickup = Full Scorecard Impact

Note: Falloffs that occur less than 60 minutes after accepting do not impact your scorecard if the falloff occurs more than 24 hours prior to pickup


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Falloff Severity?
    • Not all falloffs are treated the same - for example, falling off a shipment 2 hours prior to pickup will impact a carrier's scorecard much more than falling off 47 hours prior to pickup.
    • Severe Falloffs: A carrier-caused cancellation occurring less than 24 hours before the pickup appointment. This type of falloff has a greater impact on your scorecard than a falloff requested earlier because of the added operational burden it takes for Convoy to recover the load. Re
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