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Convoy Dedicated Freight

What are Dedicated Freight Contracts?

Dedicated freight contracts allow carriers to get early access to loads on preferred lanes at a set rate, for a specified period of time.


Contract terms can vary by the agreed weekly volume, duration and start date. Once a carrier wins a contract, they’ll start receiving load offers labeled “Dedicated” within the Convoy app. Carriers must accept or decline loads within four (4) hours of being notified before the load is offered to the entire marketplace.  We require carriers to maintain good standing on the contract by accepting the agreed weekly volume each week and meeting or exceeding standard Convoy quality and compliance requirements.

In most cases we cannot set specific appointment times for individual loads, as many of our shippers tender shipments to us with preset appointments or requested delivery times. Please take this into consideration when bidding on a Dedicated freight contract.


How can I get access to Dedicated freight contracts? 

Convoy has a limited number of Dedicated freight contracts within the Convoy app that will vary from week to week. You can find Dedicated Contracts in the offer section or by searching in the Convoy app.

Carriers choose to bid on contracts from within the Convoy app by specifying a rate per load and any other constraints (such as preferred time of day or days of the week). Carriers with competitive bids may be contacted by a Convoy representative to agree on the final price and terms of the contract. Always place your most competitive bid since there are no counter offers on dedicated contracts.  


How long do Dedicated contracts last?

Each contract can have a different duration, specified in the offer details page.  Contracts may last for multiple months. 


How can I see all the Dedicated freight contracts available to me?

If a Dedicated freight contract is available to you, it will be shown to you in your offer list. When using the load search feature, if there is a dedicated contract available near your lane you are searching, it will also show in your feed


What is Convoy reserve rate

  • Convoy Reserve is a brand new program that rewards Convoy’s high-value carriers. Carriers who are eligible for this program will be given exclusive access to loads on their favorite lanes. A Reserve Rate allows carriers to plan their week ahead of time, have a consistent rate on their lanes, and spend less time searching and competing on the load board. 
  • Once a Reserve Rate is active, carriers will start receiving push notifications anytime a load is available on their lane. Carriers will have up to two hours to either Accept or Decline the offer. As market conditions shift, the rates will automatically adjust accordingly.
  • A Reserve Rate is not a dedication contract. Carriers are not required to take loads that are offered nor is Convoy guaranteeing volume on a lane. However, if a carrier is inactive on their Reserve offers, their Reserve Rate will expire with no detriment to the Convoy Scorecard. 

The Convoy Carrier Terms of Service Agreement applies

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