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What information is needed for rejected products?

When product is rejected, Convoy needs the following information to get the fastest resolution. All information is required. Please remember, missing information may result in extended resolution times.


Required information:

  1. Which product was rejected. (Be specific on how many pallets or boxes).
    • If multiple types of product is rejected, we often need a case count of each individual item number (in the form of SKU, UPC, barcode, or DU #) to proceed. This count sometimes needs to be done manually, and cannot be determined by the BOL.
  2. Reason for rejection. (What was the reason the facility gave you for rejecting the product?)
  3. An overview photo of all rejected product, a close-up photo of every label on the pallet(s), and a close-up photo of every unique barcode. (These photos must be clear and legible.)
  4. A photo of the BOL, with rejection marked.

Please review the following article for more information on photos of rejected product

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