What photos are needed for rejected product?


The following photos are necessary to prove the product has been rejected. Please provide the necessary photos by uploading them all to the Convoy app.

Make sure these photos are clear and legible so time is not spent retaking pictures. The following are examples of clear and easy to read photos that help lead to a faster resolution.

NOTE: There may be additional photo requirements according to the broker of the shipment. Please upload any additional photos as requested by the broker. If you haven’t already notified the broker of the load of the rejected product issue, see these instructions.

1. Photo of the BOL with the refusal note


2. Photo of the entire amount of refused product. This can range from individual pallets, several cases or a full truck load.


3) Photo of each unique product barcode so that we can identify the product #’s. These can sometimes be found on the wrapped pallet or the individual cases.