What is the Convoy app login policy?

Can I log into the Convoy app from multiple mobile devices? 

Users can only be logged into the Convoy app from one mobile device at any given time. To ensure shipment tracking accuracy and streamline operational support to carriers, the Convoy Platform prevents users from logging into their Convoy app accounts from multiple devices simultaneously.

While the app is restricted to one device, you can still access the carrier web portal from any number of devices.

What does this mean for me as a user? 

If you attempt to log into your Convoy app account from a new device while already logged in on another device, you will be alerted that there is already an active session on another device. If you continue with the new login, you will automatically be logged out of the previously active session. 

Why does the platform have this policy?

The policy is in place to better the carrier on-road experience. Limiting logins to one mobile device improves shipment location tracking, eliminating the need to contact carriers about their whereabouts and status. Greater location accuracy also helps carriers get paid faster by verifying eligibility for the QuickPay discount and reducing the processing time of detention requests.

Will this affect my sessions on the carrier web portal? 

No, your carrier web sessions will be unaffected. You can stay logged into carrier.convoy.com and the Convoy app simultaneously. 

What if I’m sharing my login with others?

Every individual that uses the Convoy app must have their own user profile with a unique phone number. Adding more users to your carrier account is quick and easy, and there’s no limit to the number of users. To add a user, go to your Profile tab, select ‘Drivers & Dispatchers,’ and add the new user with their corresponding contact information.

What should I do if I encounter issues logging in? 

If you encounter any issues logging into your Convoy account or have any questions, please contact carriersupport@convoy.com