How do I submit my insurance?


The Convoy Platform uses Highway to obtain your Certificate of Insurance (COI). Please do not send your COI directly to the Convoy Platform.

How do I submit a COI to Highway?

If you have not worked with Highway before, use this link to register and provide your insurance agent information. Highway will then contact your insurance agent to obtain your COI.

If you have worked with Highway before but they do not have your current COI, please ask your insurance agent to send your COI to Highway does not accept COI’s that are submitted directly by the motor carrier.

Please note, the Convoy Platform uses Highway for insurance verification only. Once your insurance is verified, your carrier is eligible to work with us, unless informed otherwise by the Convoy Platform directly.

What needs to be on the COI?

  • $1,000,000 auto liability coverage 

  • $100,000 cargo coverage 

  • List Highway as the certificate holder:


    5931 GREENVILLE AVE, UNIT #5620

    DALLAS TX 75206

The underwriter for each policy must have an AM Best Rating of B+ or better in order to work with the Convoy Platform.


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