How do I view and accept loads?


With the Convoy Platform it's easy to find and book loads, so you spend less time chasing freight and more time on what matters. 

First, open the Convoy app and tap 'Book Loads' in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Here you can view available loads by tapping on 'All Loads'.

Once you’ve found a load you’re interested in, you can:

  • Option 1: Tap 'Book' and then 'Confirm' to instantly secure the load at the listed price. Once the load has been confirmed, the load will be visible under 'My Loads' on the main menu.

  • Option 2: Tap 'Bid' to take the load at a different price, enter your requested rate, and then tap 'Submit Bid'. Most bids on loads are immediately accepted, countered or rejected, giving you the real-time flexibility to adjust your bids and submit new offers. If you win a bid, you still have the option to confirm or decline the load. There's no penalty if you decide not to take it.