How Do I Create a Saved Search?

Saving your favorite searches for loads make it even easier to find work on the Convoy Platform. When you create a saved search, you are notified immediately when a new load hits the app that matches your criteria.

You can create and manage your saved searches in the Convoy app. There's no limit to the number of saved searches you can create, so be as specific as you want. Follow the steps below to create a saved search.

Creating Saved Searches in the Convoy App:

  1. Open the Convoy app 

  2. Tap “Book loads” from the bottom navigation bar  

  3. In the “Search” tab of the top menu, tap “Search for a load

  4. Enter lane details into the pickup and delivery fields

  5. Tap “Search” to see your results. 

  6. Tap "Save this Search" at the bottom of the screen to create a saved search.

Note: All your saved searches will appear in this “Search” tab. By clicking on a saved search, you can edit or delete the search.

Updating Your Notification Preferences:

You can adjust your notification preferences in the Convoy app at any time. To make adjustments, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the app and select "Profile" in the bottom menu

  2. Under the Personal Settings section, select "Notifications & App"

  3. Here you can adjust the following:

    • Frequency of recommended load notifications

      • Choices include Frequent, Less Frequent, or Off

    • Saved Search Notifications

      • Adjust notifications for a saved search by tapping the bell icon. A roarange bell means that you will receive notifications for loads on the lane, while a white bell means you have muted the saved search.

    • The sound of notifications

      • Choices include Play Sound and No Sound