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Convoy Trailer Rentals


We’re excited to let you know that Convoy is now offering carriers who haul with us the opportunity to rent our high-quality trailers, nationwide! This is an easy way for carriers like you to temporarily expand your fleet. Convoy trailers can be rented in increments of 30 days. Learn more about this program and determine your eligibility below.

Program Details

Carriers who meet the eligibility requirements outlined below have the opportunity to rent 53' dry van Swing door trailers from Convoy in 30 day increments. The upfront rate for renting a trailer is $1,100 per 30 day rental period. We are currently offering this program nationwide. If you are interested, please reach out to our team at to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be restricted in how I utilize the trailer?

Carriers are encouraged to use the trailer for their desired purpose within the guidelines set in section 3 of the Trailer Usage Agreement. Trailer must be utilized only for the lawful, prompt, safe, and expeditious transportation and/or storage of goods. The trailer must be returned in satisfactory condition and food grade compliant. 

How do I know if I qualify? 

We are requiring the following in order to be eligible for this program:

  1. Finished 3 or more Convoy shipments in the past year.
  2. Performance ratings of excellent or acceptable in each metric.
  3. Carrier not in guided probation status (no recent suspensions for any metric.

To review your eligibility, please check your scorecard in the app under the “Past Jobs” tab

Can I change the date or location of where I return the trailer?

Altered return date and location requests are subject to review with notice. We understand delays happen, and will carefully review the reason for delay and/or the reason for a location change and will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

Can I cancel my reservation or change the Use Period? 

Please communicate cancellations or term changes to no more than 24 hours prior from your pick up date. No cancellation fees associated. If Convoy is not given notice, the current Use Period and charges stand. 

What are the standard specs? 

Trailers available for this program are 53' dry van Swing door trailers. Year, make, and model will vary. Please see Standard Trailer Specifications for more detail. 

What is the rate breakdown? How was this rate determined? 

The upfront rate of $1,100 covers the costs accrued to Convoy including trailer fees, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, repairs, labor, and other fees related to trailer rentals. There is no additional mileage charge at this time. Charges accrued during the rental period (including late fees) will be invoiced and payable at the end of the rental period. For additional information about rates and fees, please reach out to

Is my card information secure?

Card information will be stored securely throughout the Use Period. As stated in the Terms & Conditions, incremental charges may apply if the trailer is returned in poor condition or if the trailer return is severely delayed at fault of the carrier. Late fee policy is $100 per day. 

What if I want more time with the trailer? 

Extensions are subject to review and are not guaranteed. Convoy must be notified no more than 72 hours prior to the end of the return window. You may email for all requests. If approved, you will receive a 30 day extension within the same agreement.

What if the trailer needs maintenance during the Use Period? 

Free roadside assistance is included in the rate and is accessible 24/7. In addition to calling roadside assistance for damages en route, please notify right away with a detailed description and photos. The roadside assistance numbers by provider are located in your Rate Confirmation. 


Please email all inquiries and questions to  

See Terms and Conditions for more information.



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