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Be Prepared - DOT Week 2022

CVSA International Roadcheck, or DOT Week, will be between May 17th and May 19th this year. With increased inspections during DOT Week you’re more likely to encounter delays. To avoid unnecessary contact from Convoy, please review the tips below before you hit the road this week.

  • Expect delays: Inspections are common, with nearly 15 commercial vehicles inspected every minute across North America during the 72-hour roadcheck period. Whenever possible, leave early to give yourself extra time to avoid late deliveries.
  • Communicate delays: Convoy knows that DOT Week can create additional challenges for carriers. If you’re going to miss a delivery window, report the late arrival as soon as possible from the “My Loads” section of the Convoy App, just click on the load you’re actively hauling. You can find more information to help you manage late deliveries here
  • Proactively manage upcoming loads: If a truck or driver is placed out of service and you need to fall off a load, notify Convoy immediately. Remember, fall offs that occur more than 48 hours to the pickup appointment do not affect your scorecard. However, you 'll receive credit for the more time you give us on fall offs occurring between 48 and 24 hours before the pickup appointment. Additional details and tips related to fall offs are available here

Keep in mind that Convoy’s carrier on-time and falloff expectations do not change during this time. To learn more about Convoy's Carrier Standards, Scorecards, and Safety, please see our Carrier Resource Center for additional details. 


And as a reminder, CVSA’s focus is on wheel ends and inspections are expected to occur at weight and inspection stations, temporary inspection sites, and on road patrols. You can learn about this year's International Roadcheck on CVSA’s website or read their Inspection Cheat Sheet here.

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