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How To Select A Payment Speed

Convoy QuickPay gives you the ability to choose the payment speed that meets the needs of your business on every load. No contracts or hidden fees. There are two ways to select your desired payment speed on every load: 


When Booking a Load

  1. When booking a load, after assigning a driver and dispatcher to the load you will be taken to the “Select payout speed” page.
  2. On this page you will have the ability to select two-day (free) or same-day (small fee). 
  3. Once you select your payout speed you will see the total payout for the load update to reflect your choice.  
  4. Next you will click on the “Confirm Payout Speed” button to confirm your choice and complete booking the load. If you do not have a payment method on file, you will be prompted to add a payment method to your account. Please do this so that we can get you paid as quickly as possible.


After Booking a Load

  1. After you have booked a load you will have the option to update your payment speed up until the BOL for the load has been approved. 
  2. To change the payout speed navigate to the “My Loads” icon in the lower app navigation. 
  3. Under the “Booked” tab select the load that you want to update and navigate to the “Payments” tab. 
  4. Click on the “Change Payout Speed” button and select the appropriate payout speed.
  5. Click the “Confirm Payout Speed” to complete the change. The Payout Summary in the “Payments” tab will update to reflect the change. 
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