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Share a Rate FAQ


Why would I want to share my rate with Convoy?

If you’re interested in dedicated contract opportunities, submitting your rate through our  share-a-rate feature in the Convoy app helps us understand geographic interest and lane preferences, as well as your target rates. Your rates will assist us in finding contracted freight for you and keeping your trucks full.


How do I submit a rate?

To share a rate with us:

  1. Open the Convoy app and go to Book Loads, which you can find in the left corner of the bottom menu
  2. Tap “Offers” at the top of the page
  3. Enter your preferred pickup and dropoff lanes
  4. Scroll down the page until you see a card that says “Interested in Contract Freight?”
  5. Click “Learn More”
  6. Click “I’m Ready” on the next page.
  7. Enter the details based on your preferences
  8. Click “Share Rate”  to submit your rate
  9. Tap “Share another rate” to submit as many rates as you’d like


Is there a limit to the number of rates I can share? 

There is no limit to the number of rates you can submit to Convoy.


Are my rates saved? If so, how can I update them?

Yes, we save your rates for three months. After three months, they expire. We understand your rates change and at any point in time, you can share updated rates on your submitted lanes through the Convoy app or carrier web.


What if my rates change after you’ve already submitted them to the shipper? Do I have to take the contract?

No, having the right of first refusal means that you are not obligated to accept a dedicated contract. At this point in time, dedicated freight does not create nor constitute an exclusive relationship with you and Convoy. Please see Convoy Support - Dedicated Freight for more details. 


What are you doing with my rates when they are not sent to the shipper?

Your rates shared with Convoy will either be active or inactive. When active, we are actively working on a contracted freight opportunity based on your provided information. When inactive, we are gauging interests broadly and working to find prospective freight on your behalf.


Given the hot spot market, why would I ever want to share a rate to take a dedicated contract with Convoy? 

We strive to work with you based on your business needs, whether they are spot or contract volume. Our goal is to help you maximize your earnings, keep your truck consistently full, and gain equal access to all types of loads. Dedicated contacts with Convoy can help smooth out any volatility in the spot market by offering consistent, predictable volume, hauling the same shipment along the same lane. Traditionally, this type of freight is reserved for larger carriers, but we are excited to offer these opportunities to carriers of all sizes. 


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