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Flexible Return

In order to give our carriers as much flexibility as possible, Convoy offers flexible return options, including extended trailer return time and the option to choose your trailer return location, on many of our power-only loads. This allows carriers to extend the cutoff time in order to find a backhaul. The standard extension periods range from 12 hours to 14 days, but can vary depending on the shipment. 

Flexible return options are available on most power-only shipments and can be added while bidding on the load, after winning the load, or at any point during executing the load, as long as before the trailer return cut-off time. 

The fee for an extension is deducted from the total rate of the load and will be listed in the rate con for your records. The rate for the extension is determined by several factors, including trailer availability, business needs, and when the extension was requested. Trailers not returned before the return time are eligible for a Late Fee, starting from the time the trailer was due to return. 


Are the Extension Fees always the same? 

We attempt to keep the rates as consistent impossible, however, rates may vary in some cases based on trailer availability and business needs. Another factor that impacts the rate is when the extension is added. The fee is increased if an extension is made at the end of the shipment (when the only remaining stop on the load is the trailer return). Extending your load as early as possible gives you the best rate. 


Can I request an extension after the load has begun? 

Yes! You can extend the cutoff time at any point during the load before the trailer is returned. 


Can I increase/decrease my extension after I make my original selection? 

Yes! You can modify/add/remove an extension at any time before or during the shipment. You can make any changes by selecting a new return time in the load details page, under the My Jobs section of the app. The fee will automatically adjust according to your selection. 

Remember, the rate for an extension is partially impacted by when the extension is requested. Always update the extension as soon as you can. Changes made at the end of your shipment could lead to an increased rate for additional extensions or partial reimbursement for an extension you are not using. 


Note: All changes to a return time must occur before the trailer is returned. 


I don’t need the full extension any longer. Can I get reimbursed? 

Yes! You can get reimbursed for the time you don’t plan to use. You must update the extension period in the app in order to get reimbursed and you cannot get reimbursed if you already delivered the trailer. You can make changes by selecting a new return time in the load details page, under the My Jobs section of the app. 

Please note that if you reduce your extension period at the end of the shipment, you may only receive partial reimbursement.  Ensure you make any updates as soon as possible to receive the full reimbursement. 


Are all Power Only loads eligible for an extension? 

Most of our Power Only Loads have the option to extend the trailer return. However, there are a few loads we are unable to offer the extension feature for due to trailer capacity and business needs. 


How do I know if my load is eligible for an extension? 

In the offer feed you will be able to identify loads with flexible return options by looking for "Flexible Return" at the top of the load. You can also check the load details on the load board or in the My Jobs section of the app. You will see Return Time Options listed for the delivery on all loads that are eligible for the extension. Loads that are not eligible will not have Return Time Options listed. 

We are unable to approve extensions on ineligible loads for any reason. 


The last time I booked a load on this lane I was able to extend the cutoff time, but the option isn’t available anymore. What’s the problem? Can I still get an extension? 

The ability to extend a cutoff is dependent on business needs and trailer availability. It’s possible for extension eligibility to change from time to time. We are unable to approve an extension if the option doesn’t exist in the app. 


I’m getting an error message when attempting to use the Flexible Trailer Return Feature. What should I do? 

Start by refreshing your app (by completely closing the app and reopening it). Then try to request the extension again. If the error message continues or you experience any other issues, please call our carrier support line for further assistance: (855) 526-6869


Do you offer flexible trailer return locations? 

Yes, if the opportunity to choose a different return location is available on the load you are booking you will see the option reflected in the booking process.  

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