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Proactively notifying Convoy of arriving late to an appointment.

Arriving late to an appointment is never a driver’s intention, as some loads can have the occasional bump in the road. Proactively notifying Convoy of a late arrival helps in reducing additional delays for both facilities and carriers. We found that drivers who don’t inform Convoy that they’ll be arriving late to appointments not only face significant delays at the facility, but also impact other carriers picking up and delivering at the same facility. 



If the driver is running late, the dispatcher or driver must proactively report their ETA through the app or carrier web. Drivers may also report their ETA by phone if unable to via the Convoy app. We ask that late arrivals be reported:

  • Preferably, more than 90 minutes before the appointment time
  • At minimum 30 minutes before the appointment time.


  1. From the "My Loads" section of the Convoy App, click on the load you are actively hauling
  2. Navigate to the Support feature in the top right corner and click Report Late to Next Stop
  3. Select a reason for being late from the list of options and click Next
  4. Let us know if you are en route to the stop, enter the ETA if available, and click Submit



  • If I just accepted a load that picks up in 3 hours, but my ETA is 3.5hrs, when should I report the late arrival?
    • Notifying Convoy at least 90 minutes prior to your appointment (or window end time) will be considered proactive, as this allows our teams ample time to communicate late arrival to the facility.
  • Will this impact my scorecard?
    • Not immediately. We will provide ample notice before this change becomes a part of carrier scoring.   
  • Should I call in to Convoy when giving notice of arriving late? 
    • While we appreciate any form of notification, the preferred method is to report the delay within the shipment screen in the Convoy app. Instructions can be found here.
  • I accepted a load with a pickup appointment that has already passed. When should I notify Convoy that I’ll be arriving late?
    • We understand that arriving on-time is impossible for instances such as this, however we still recommend immediately reporting the late arrival so our teams can act quickly in alerting the facility. 
  • I was detained at the shipper for an extended period of time. Will I still need to report a late arrival to delivery if I previously reported being blocked at pickup?
    • Arriving late to your next stop due to a shipper-caused delay will not negatively impact your performance scores. However, we ask that you provide timely updates of your arrival and be responsive to any Convoy communication throughout the shipment. 
  • I didn't realize I was going to be late until 60 mins before my pickup appointment. Am I going to be penalized for that?
    • This is understandable. As long as carriers report their ETA by 30 mins before the stop, they will earn partial credit.


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