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What do I do if cargo was stolen?

If any cargo is stolen while you are on a Convoy load, these are the next steps you must take. 

Contact the police immediately to file a report. Make sure to obtain: 

  • The name and phone number of the police agency
  • The report number 
  • The reporting officer’s name and badge number

Collect documentation at the theft location 

  • Gather names and contact information for any witnesses or employees of nearby businesses, especially if they had video surveillance available. 
  • Take photos of the scene exactly as found. For example, take photos of the remaining cargo, broken lock and/or seal, etc. If the entire truck and/or trailer was stolen, take photos of where it had been parked. 

Contact Convoy to report the theft: (425) 214-1769 ext. 1. Be ready to provide details such as: 

  • What was stolen - commodity details and quantity 
  • When it was stolen - or how long had trailer been parked in that location 
  • Where the theft occurred - full address, and contact information if it was a business 
  • Description of what happened - where was the driver when the trailer and/or cargo was stolen, is there a GPS with trailer and/or cargo, was any video surveillance available
  • The police report information 

Contact your insurance company to report the theft and file a claim. Take note of the claim number and adjuster contact information, and provide this to Convoy.

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