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Current In-App Scorecard Experience


As Convoy continues to roll out changes to its Carrier Performance program (detailed here), you may see changes to your scores that don't align with what you're used to. Over the next 10-14 days, Convoy will finish rolling out all changes, creating a better, more informational experience. For feedback, please reach out to

  1. All scores are created by taking into account a carriers success over their past 50 loads, last 60 days, and last 360 days. Details on why your score may have changed can been seen here.
  2. The score shown in the On-Time Pickup section is detailing the new On-Time to Stop score, which measures On-Time to each stop of a shipment. More on this change can be seen here.
  3. The number of Falloffs shown is now the the count of falloffs over the past 360 days, rather than the last 50 shipments as you have been used to. While this number likely increased, your overall score may not have changed significantly.
  4. When you click into each metric (On-Time, App Use, or Falloff), the shipments shown are now all scorecard shipments in the past year, rather than just the last 50 shipments. 



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