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What is Guided Probation?

What is Guided Probation?

  • Following the two-week period of being in Suspension status, a carrier will enter a Guided Probation period. During this period, the carrier must maintain quality scores above threshold for the quality metric they were originally suspended for. The carrier will continue through Guided Probation until their overall score enters Acceptable status.


What happens if I go from Probation back to Suspension status?

  • If a carrier fails to increase their quality while in Guided Probation, they are deactivated and removed from the Convoy network. Although we hope to work well with every carrier in our network, when a carrier continuously fails to meet our quality standards, we unfortunately have to part ways.


How long will I be in Guided Probation?

  • The length of time in Guided Probation is predicated on how often the carrier hauls Convoy loads and if those loads are completed to Convoy’s quality standards. Once the carrier's overall score enters Acceptable status, they will then reenter the normal status cycle.


What happens if I go into Suspension status for a second time?

  • If a carrier successfully reenters the network and progresses back into Acceptable status, but falls back into Suspension status within 6 months from the last Suspension status, the carrier will be deactivated and removed from the Convoy network. If the carrier falls back into Suspension status after 6 months, they will once again be placed on a two-week suspension followed by Guided Probation.
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