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Carrier Quality Performance Program

Carriers are assigned a status of Excellent, Acceptable, Probation, or Suspension based on their performance score for each performance metric: On-Time, Falloff, and App Use. A carrier’s quality status is determined at the final completion of each shipment:

  • On-Time: After the shipment has finished
  • Falloff:  At the time of a Falloff, Cancellation, or after the shipment has finished
  • App-use: At time of BOL upload or 22 hours after shipment has finished. 

Carriers may transition between Excellent, Acceptable, and Probation on a shipment by shipment basis, up or down. 

  • Excellent (15-20% of carriers) - The best carriers in the Convoy network, who likely will be able to win bids more often and may have access to special Convoy programs.
  • Acceptable (50-55%) - The core carrier in the Convoy network. These carriers are not at risk for penalization and may become Excellent with a run of On-Time, Non-Falloff, or App Using shipments. Additionally, carriers in this segment are unlikely to lose bids due to quality.
  • Probation (10-15%) - Carriers who have seen their quality decrease to a below average level. These carriers still have access to all Convoy shipments, but may lose bids when quality is accounted for. If performance continues to decline, the carrier may be suspended from the Convoy network.
  • Suspension (5-10%) - Carriers who have been suspended or at risk for immediate suspension. These carriers have continued poor performance that has led to Convoy restricting access.

Please note, carriers that have not completed more than 10 shipments will not be eligible for Excellent status until their 11 load has been completed. With more than 10 completed shipments we are able to determine the carriers quality status more accurately.


Carriers transitioning down into Suspension from Probation are placed on a two-week suspension, after which, they are entered into Guided Probation. The Guided Probation process exists to give carriers a path to remaining in the network, rather than their previous failures leading them to quickly being exited from the Convoy network. Through Guided Probation, a carrier is required to maintain higher quality on shipments until their overall score enters Acceptable status, at which point they enter the normal status cycle. For more information on Guided Probation, visit here.


If a carrier fails to improve their quality score while in Guided Probation, they are deactivated and removed from the Convoy network. Although we hope to work well with every carrier in our network, when a carrier continuously fails to meet our quality standards, we unfortunately have to part ways.

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