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How Can Carriers Save on Trucks and Trailers?

With Convoy's top-of-the-line trucks & trailers discounts, carriers can save up to $10,000 in annual savings. The TruckYeah Savings program provides carriers in our network with tens of thousands of dollars of savings on their most critical expenses and helps them keep more of their hard-earned money. Carriers can learn more about this TruckYeah Savings program on Convoy's website.


Ryder Trucks & Trailers

Save up to 30% on the largest selection of reliable pre-owned trucks & trailers. Nationwide delivery is available. Click here to learn more!

Great Dane Trailers

Upgrade or add more trailers to your fleet by purchasing new Great Dane trailers with $0 down for qualified carriers. Please call 912-657-3653 for more information! 

Penske Trucks & Trailers

Special discounts and financing programs on Penske’s lineup of commercial tractors, trucks, and semi-trailers. Click here to learn more!



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