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What is the TCS Fuel Card and how does it work?

What benefits does the TCS Fuel Card provide?

As part of our TruckYeah Savings program, Convoy recommends the TCS Fuel Card to help carriers save thousands of dollars on fuel every year. The TCS Fuel Card is accepted at more than 1,200 stations across the country, including TA-Petro, Ambest, Roady’s and Sapp Bros, and charges no transaction fees at in-network truck stops. 

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How do I find locations and fuel prices? 

Within the TCS app, TCS Fuel Card users can find an interactive map of stations and fuel prices, allowing drivers to quickly locate the lowest fuel prices on their route.

Is the TCS Fuel Card available to every carrier?

Yes, the TCS fuel card is available to all carriers in Convoy’s network through Convoy’s TruckYeah Savings program.

How can I sign up for the TCS Fuel Card? 

Signing up for the TCS Fuel Card is easy. Apply for the fuel card here.

After submitting the application and signing TCS Fuel Card Agreement, TCS will mail your cards within 3-5 days. When they arrive, you can activate your cards by contacting support at 844-827-7697 or by using the TCS app.

Do carriers have to sign up with Apex Capital Factoring in order to sign up for the TCS Fuel Card?

No, however carriers who sign up for Apex Capital factoring may receive a line of credit for their fuel card. Carriers not signed up for Apex Capital factoring will need to pre-fund their fuel card.


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