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What is the Convoy Fuel Card?

How does the Convoy Fuel Card benefits?

The Convoy fuel card helps carriers to save an industry-leading average of $0.45* per gallon on fuel. It's accepted at more than 1,000 stations across the country, including TA-Petro, Ambest, Roady’s and Sapp Bros, and includes no transaction fees at in-network truck stops. 

How do I find locations and fuel prices? 

Fuel Card users can find an interactive map of stations and fuel prices, allowing drivers to quickly locate the lowest fuel prices on their route. 

Is the Convoy fuel card available to every carrier?

Yes, the Convoy fuel card is available to all carriers in Convoy’s network. 

How can I sign up for the Convoy Fuel Card? 

Signing up for the Convoy fuel card is easy and is done directly in the Convoy app.

  1. Open the Convoy app and tap "Services" in the bottom navigation bar. 
  2. Under Services, select "Convoy Fuel Card"
  3. Tap "View Map" to see stations and fuel prices or "Get Fuel Card" to begin signup. 
  4. Complete the signup form and sign the fuel card agreement directly in the app.

Your cards will be mailed to you in 3-5 days.  When they arrive, contact support to activate.

If needed, you can also reach our team at our direct line, 206-350-7561, or by email at

Do carriers have to sign up for Convoy Factoring in order to sign up for the Convoy fuel card?

No, however carriers who sign up for Convoy Factoring may receive an automatic line of credit for their fuel card through Apex Capital. Carriers not signed up for Convoy Factoring will need to set up a line of credit (see the question below for additional information)

What credit line will carriers need for their fuel card?

Carriers who choose not to factor with Convoy will be responsible for securing their own credit line (no minimum required). 

How does a carrier who is not using Convoy Factoring secure a credit line for the fuel card?

All TCS Fuel Card accounts are 100% financially secured either by a cash security deposit or a third-party credit line for qualified carriers. Third-party credit lines include Credit Insurance Policies, Letters of Guaranty, and Letters of Credit. The value of the third-party credit lines will be determined solely by the third party, based on your credit needs and the third party’s underwriting practices


* Based on actual carrier savings from Q1 of 2022


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