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What is Apex Capital Factoring and how does it work?

Apex Capital is Convoy’s Truck Yeah Savings preferred factoring provider. They offer payment services to help carriers get same or next day payment, with no lock-in contracts. Their continued focus is to help carriers manage their cash flow to meet their business goals, while removing many of the day-to-day hassles of the job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is factoring?

Freight factoring is all about cash flow. If you have slow-paying customers or brokers then you may have to wait 45 days or more to get paid for your work. However, you need cash flow to pay your expenses such as fuel, insurance, payroll, repairs, and more. That’s where freight factoring comes in. Factoring is an easy way to manage cash flow for your trucking company. Apex processes invoices and advances funds for freight that you’ve already delivered. Freight factoring keeps the cash flowing so you can keep hauling.

How do I apply for Apex Capital Factoring?

You can apply using this link. For questions, call Apex Capital at (800) 511-6022.

How do carriers submit invoices for factoring?

Apex Capital provides a mobile app and web portal to enable carriers to submit invoices, check their brokers credit rating, and disburse funds to their desired location all in one place.

What is Apex Capital's factoring rate?

Carriers of all sizes can factor their non-Convoy loads with customized rate structures to fit your business. Rates will be determined by the total amount factored. You can pick and choose which brokers you do and do not factor, so you can continue enjoying Convoy’s industry leading QuickPay options.

Do I have to factor Convoy loads?

No, you may pick and choose which brokers you choose to factor loads from. Once you submit an invoice from a broker though, you must continue submitting invoices from that broker until Apex provides you with a letter of release.

How do I reach the Apex Capital Factoring team? 

You can reach support by calling Apex Capital at (800) 511-6022.

Do carriers have to factor with Apex Capital in order to sign up for the TCS fuel card?

No, however carriers who sign up for Apex Capital’s factoring service may receive an automatic line of credit for their fuel card through Apex Capital. Carriers not factoring with Apex will need to secure their fuel card with cash.




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