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How do I complete a power-only pre-trip inspection?

To ensure continued access to our shared trailer pool, we are looking to partner with the carriers in our network to keep our trailers in safe, working order. As part of this effort, a pre-trip inspection is required for all power-only shipments per the Convoy/Carrier Trailer Use Agreement and as per the guidelines set by the FMCSA. Pre-trip inspections increase road safety and help reduce potential trailer downtime. Additionally, pre-trip inspections help carriers identify issues such as underinflated tires before starting to haul a shipment, and escalate the issue to Convoy for immediate action, ensuring they avoid billbacks from accrued tire damage.


  1. Front of the trailer: from the driver-side of the trailer, ensure that the front trailer support is fully raised and undamaged. Verify that the crank handle is present and secured. Inspect for frame and body damage.
  2. Fifth-wheel coupling system: inspect for no visible space between the upper and lower fifth wheel. Make sure it is positioned properly. Check that the release lever is properly seated and the safety latch and lock is engaged.
  3. At the area between the trailer and tractor: inspect all air and electrical connections which should be sealed and in good condition. Check glad hands for proper mounting. Verify that there’s no damage or leaks.
  4. Tire inspection: Power-only Tires and Wheel Inspections
  5. Trailer Frame and Tandem axle: Review for a bent or damaged frame or damage to cross members. Check tandem axles, suspension and brakes. 
  6. Rear Trailer: Check for broken lights and reflectors. Verify that cargo is properly secured and that the doors including hinges and handles are damage free.
  7. Full cycle review: Check all tires for inflation and tread. Also check for missing or broken lights and reflectors across the entire trailer.

What should you do if there is a concern or issue related to the pre-trip inspection?

Please complete the inspection and escalate repair or safety concerns to a Convoy rep via or by calling 855-5-CONVOY prior to leaving the pick up location


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