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Power-Only Trailer Bill Backs

To ensure continued access to our shared trailer pool, we are looking to partner with the carriers in our network to keep our trailers in safe, working order. As part of this effort, a pre-trip inspection is required for all Convoy Go power-only shipments per the Convoy/Carrier Trailer Use Agreement and as per the guidelines set by the FMCSA. Pre-trip inspections increase road safety and help reduce potential trailer downtime. Additionally, pre-trip inspections help carriers identify issues such as underinflated tires before starting to haul a shipment, and escalate the issue to Convoy for immediate action, ensuring they avoid billbacks from accrued tire damage.

What is a bill back?

Sometimes during a shipment, certain costs that exceed normal wear and tear such as toll infractions, trailers returned dirty, damages or accidents are accrued by a carrier; Bill backs is a means by which Convoy can recover these costs through invoicing carriers post-shipment. For example, if a driver hits a curb and damages a tire, we want the carrier to make their shipment on time, so Convoy will pay for the cost of roadside assistance upfront and bill the appropriate party for the costs of the repair after the shipment has been completed.

Why is Convoy making this change?

Convoy is committed to keeping costs low for our trailer pool carriers in line with standard industry practice for renting commercial trailers and tractors.Trailer bill backs will ensure that the actions of one carrier have minimal effect on the overall network and non-preventative maintenance related charges will be paid by the responsible party. 

How will it work?

Carriers are expected to complete pre and post trip inspections and escalate any damages or issues with a trailer to Convoy by calling 855-5-CONVOY. If any costs are incurred by a carrier during a shipment such as tolls, damage from an accident, parking or roadside services costs, or the trailer was returned dirty, Convoy will reserve the right to bill back after the shipment is completed as per the terms and conditions of the Convoy Carrier Trailer Use Agreement including the offsetting of actual costs from future payment owed to the carrier. 

Prior notification of exact charges including a description will be communicated via email to the respective carrier for the cost offset. 

When will the change take place?

These changes went into effect beginning June 1st, 2020 and feature costs accrued after March, 1st 2020.


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