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Power-Only Tires and Wheel Inspections

To ensure continued access to our shared trailer pool, we are looking to partner with the carriers in our network to keep our trailers in safe, working order. As part of this effort, a pre-trip inspection is required for all Convoy Go power-only shipments per the Convoy/Carrier Trailer Use Agreement and as per the guidelines set by the FMCSA. Pre-trip inspections increase road safety and help reduce potential trailer downtime. Additionally, pre-trip inspections help carriers identify issues such as underinflated tires before starting to haul a shipment, and escalate the issue to Convoy for immediate action, ensuring they avoid billbacks from accrued tire damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What useful tools do you need for a tire inspection?

A calibrated air pressure gauge to measure tire pressure and a Tire Depth Gauge to measure tread depth

 How do I measure for correct tire pressure?

Always check your tires for proper inflation. Tires must be between 95-100 PSI; dual tires should be within 10 PSIs of each other. If a tire is 20% below its targeted PSI, it is considered flat and should be replaced. Stop and call Convoy for tire service.

What is the minimum tire tread for a convoy tire?

DOT regulates all tires to be at or above 2”32, if during your pre-trip inspection, the tire tread is at or below 4”32, stop and call Convoy Go for tire service via 855-5-CONVOY

What other useful checks should you complete?

Check the valve caps to make sure they are properly secured. Also check wheel and lug nut conditions to ensure there is no rust or bends.

What should I do if a tire is already damaged at pick up? 

Stop and call Convoy after performing the entire pre trip inspection via 855-5-CONVOY. If any tire has tire cuts or bulges in the sidewall, it is considered damaged and must be reported immediately. Failure to do so can potentially lead to bill backs from [this] and additional damage attributed to trailer misuse.

What should I do if I have a tire failure in the middle of a shipment? Can I replace a tire with my own tire or one from a non-approved source?

No. If faced with a tire issue, stop and call Convoy who will facilitate service from a Convoy authorized vendor to complete any repairs. You can reach us @ 855-5-CONVOY

If the trailer has a hub, inner or outer brake oil leak, what should I do?

Stop and call Convoy after performing the entire pre trip inspection. An oil leak can lead to potential damage to the trailer. Failure to notify Convoy can potentially lead to bill backs from additional damage attributed to trailer misuse. You can reach us @ 855-5-CONVOY

What is Convoy’s standard for tire blow-out vs. tire wear and tear?

In the event of a tire blow-out, Convoy’s designated vendor will review the tire for the root cause failure and a carrier may potentially be billed back if the blow out is deemed a result of driving under-inflated per the guidelines set by TMC of the American Trucking Assoc. for tire wear and tear.  


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