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Late Fees

How does the late fee work? 

For certain time-sensitive loads, Convoy reserves the right to impose a fee of up to $50 if (1) you are late to the pick-up appointment; and (2) do not have location services turned on in the Convoy app for the duration of the load. You should only book loads that have a late fee if you acknowledge and agree that you may be subject to such a fee.


Does Convoy apply a late fee on all loads?

No, this only applies to loads which are highly time-sensitive.  Loads with a late fee on them are clearly indicated in the load details page within the app/website. If you aren’t sure whether a load has a late fee or not, please refer to your rate confirmation sheet or contact Convoy.


Why do I need to have the Convoy app with location services turned on for these loads?

Convoy uses your location to quickly identify situations if a load may be late to pick or delivery.  In addition, we use your location to confirm arrival to pickup and drop-off.  


Are there any situations where a late fee will be waived?  

Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  If you’re running late on a load that has a late fee, contact Convoy as soon as possible and continue to follow applicable laws and regulations per the Carrier Terms of Service. 


If I want to dispute a late fee, who should I reach out to?

Contact Convoy by emailing or via phone at 1-855-5-CONVOY

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