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FAQ: Carrier Quality Metrics

How does a shipper cancelation affect my score?
We make sure that each shipper-caused cancellation helps your scores. Since your score is calculated over total shipments, we make sure to include in the denominator any shipments that were canceled as a result of the shipper. This means that any shipper-canceled shipment gets added to your total loads, boosting your overall scores.

We understand that shippers who cancel or reschedule appointment times at the last minute are equally disruptive to our carriers and Convoy's operations. All this is captured on a scorecard for each shipper to ensure that we are keeping tabs on the health of our relationships with our customers.


What are “good” scores?
Ideally, every carrier would have perfect app use, on-time arrivals, and no preventable cancelations. We are transparent that our standards are high and want to help carriers be successful in the network. 

We do not expect perfection from our carriers and understand that issues arise, so these scores need not be at 100%, but they do need to stay high and, if not exactly perfect, be trending upward.

We encourage you to check your scores regularly in the Convoy app under the "Past Jobs" tag. If you see anything in your record you disagree with, please email and we will happily investigate further.


Is app use required for Convoy loads?
We hold our carriers to high levels of service, and app use is key to the success of these standards. App use is a unique requirement of working with Convoy, and it is just as important as arriving on time and not falling off loads. The app allows our operational teams to provide better quality service to our carrier partners. Through the app, we respond faster to problems on loads, reduce or eliminate ETA calls, and manage immediate detention payouts without additional paperwork.

App use is also necessary in order to receive QuickPay™️ on Convoy loads. 


What is Convoy’s three-strike policy?

Convoy’s three-strike policy is our way of ensuring a high quality of service to shippers. We measure carriers along three quality metrics: fall offs, on time to pick up, and app use. When carriers are not able to maintain high levels of service in one or more category, they will receive a first offense warning. If carriers are not able to improve following this warning, they move into the two-week temporary suspension phase. If carriers are not able to improve following the two-week temporary suspension, they will be placed on Convoy’s “Do Not Use” list. 

We understand that things happen in trucking and account for that in our scores and the three-strike policy. We only take action on carrier accounts through the three-strike policy when there is a trend of misalignment on quality over time.


Why does Convoy have a carrier scorecard?

We value transparency with carriers in our network, which is why we send out a weekly scorecard. This keeps carriers informed of their current standing, and provides them the opportunity to contest any incorrectly-categorized shipments. Our Quality & Compliance team is happy to review any shipments that may be wrongfully affecting your scorecard.


Does accidental acceptance count against me?

Accidental acceptances are the fault of the carrier since it removes the load from the board and costs us additional money to rebook a load you never intended to take. While we understand that these fall offs are not intentional, they end up impacting both our operations and our relationship with our customers. For this reason, we count these types of fall offs against carrier scores and ask that you book with caution.

With that being said, accidental acceptances will not be held against your score if:

  • The pickup appointment is 24+ hours away.
  • You cancel within 1 hour of booking your shipment.

The fastest way to cancel a shipment is to mark this in the app - and you can find a tutorial for how to do that here.


Does Convoy only look at on-time for pick up, on-time for delivery, or both?

While Convoy expects carriers to honor all of their appointments to the best of their ability, we only look at on-time to pick up to create the on-time score in your scorecard.


What types of fall offs impacts my score?

We consider fall offs as any carrier-caused, preventable cancelation. This includes fall offs due to accidental acceptance in the app, trailer rejections, and mechanical issues. While we are open to making exceptions and understand that life happens, we hold carriers to high expectations to provide high-quality service to our customers.


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