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Carrier Quality Performance Program

Convoy measures carrier success using three quality metrics: on-time to pick up, app use during Convoy shipments, and fall offs. If carriers are not able to meet our expectations alongside these metrics, we have a three-step system in place to both provide education about these measurements, and protect our quality of service if improvements are not made.

First Warning
- The first time ratings fall below thresholds. To give you an opportunity to return to good standing, we reset your scores at this point. This is a great time to understand why you're falling below thresholds and utilize resources from Convoy to improve ratings.


Temporary Suspension - When your ratings again fall below thresholds after the initial warning. The suspension lasts for two weeks, however may be shortened to one week by going through utilizing our education materials and successfully passing a quiz within your first three attempts. After you return from suspension, your ratings will be reset, allowing you to start with a clean state. Note: For carriers with less than 10 shipments, there is no temporary suspension stage.


Do Not Use - When a carriers performance rating falls below thresholds after the suspension stage, the carrier will be added to the ‘Do Not Use’ list, permanently blocked from accepting loads with Convoy. An appeal may be filed after 3 months, which will be judged on business changes made that will lead to enhanced quality performance in Convoy’s network.

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