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What are Automated Reloads?

We have rolled out Automated Reloads nationwide, which enables carriers of all sizes to book multiple reloads at a time, helping them earn more, minimize their empty miles, and eliminate time waiting between work.

Automated Reloads are free to book, just as all other loads with Convoy. Additionally carriers hauling these loads are able to receive our industry-leading QuickPay with no fees or percentages. The rate the carrier bids on and/or accepts are for the entire package.  This ultimately allows carriers to book multiple loads with less hassle.

We are always building upon and improving our technology, including our algorithms. If you have suggestions or notice an error with these automated reloads, please add feedback in the Convoy app! 


What kind of loads are in these reloads?

Automated reloads are predominantly dry van and reefer.

How are these reloads put together?

Convoy algorithmically packages Automated Reloads based on several factors including: carriers’ lane preferences, hours-of-service, driver locations, along with wait times at facilities. Carriers can request their preferred lanes as well as dates through Request a Load, and Convoy will match Automated Reloads based on the requests.

Why are some Automated reloads scheduled outside of my legal HOS?  

Some automated reloads are created for team drivers. If you are a single driver and are worried about the legality of resetting your HOS and missing an appointment, call our team at 425-214-1769 ext:2 and verify with a broker if the appointments can be rescheduled. 

Who benefits from Automated reloads? 

Automated reloads are targeted towards smaller fleets and owner operators who spend an inordinate amount of time looking for loads, which takes away from their time hauling. By developing Automated Reloads, Convoy is enabling carriers of all sizes to book multiple loads at a time, helping them earn more, minimize their empty miles, and eliminate time waiting between work.

For more information on our reloads, please check out our blog post!






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