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Convoy Power-Only Carrier Scores & Scorecard

In addition to our standard carrier scores, carriers who haul power-only will see an Empty Trailer Return Score and Trailer Confirmation Score.


  • Your Empty Trailer Return Score reflects how often you return the trailer on time after delivery. We provide extra time and flexibility between delivery and trailer return, and we encourage carriers to find a backhaul if available.
    • Please note, returning an empty trailer late can also negatively impact a carriers On-Time Quality Score. Please see this article if you would like to learn more.
  • Your Trailer Confirmation Score reflects how often you confirm the trailer number in the Convoy app before leaving the pickup facility. It only takes a few seconds to do and will ensure you have the correct trailer.


Your scores will not be shared with your customers or other carriers.

Where do I confirm the trailer number in the Convoy app?

Before you leave the pickup facility, open the app. Go to the load details to complete pickup and enter the trailer number. Confirming the trailer number will ensure you have the correct trailer and prevent issues down the road.


What if I see an error message when attempting to enter a trailer number?

If you receive an error message after entering the trailer number, we’ll give you a call within 15 minutes to help resolve the issue. Your Trailer Confirmation Score will not be affected.


What if I fail to meet Convoy’s power-only performance standards?

Carriers with lower scores may be contacted by Convoy to discuss steps to improve. Low scores over a long period of time may result in not being eligible for power-only loads.

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