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Compensation on the $100 Bonus Convoy Carrier Referral Program

Convoy incentivizes carriers to share the Convoy app with their friends and colleagues in trucking. If an existing Convoy carrier refers a carrier friend who signs up and takes a first load with Convoy, both the existing and new Convoy carrier will earn $100.


What qualifies as a bonus-earning referral?

  • You must use the Convoy app to share with your carrier friends
    • Share by tapping the ‘Refer a friend, get a $100!’ button in the bottom of the home menu, electing to ‘Share Invite Code’, selecting email or text to share, and sending the pre-populated link and message to your friend
    • This allows Convoy to know who is sharing and who should get paid out. IF YOU DO NOT REFER THROUGH THE IN-APP FUNCTIONALITY, YOU WILL NOT GET PAID
  • Your carrier friend must be new to the Convoy system and not already registered with Convoy
  • Your carrier friend must drive a Convoy supported truck type: Dry Van, Reefer, or Flatbed
  • Your carrier friend must complete the requirements to register with Convoy, including proving operating authority, W-9, and proof of insurance.
  • Your carrier friend is compliant
  • Your carrier friend must download the Convoy app, accept our terms of service, and complete a first shipment

How will I get paid?

Convoy will pay $100 for every carrier who you referred through the app and went on to take a first load with Convoy, to the carrier account on file via ACH. For carriers who factor, we’ll reach out to gather information to send a manual check. Payment will occur weekly on Fridays.

What counts as a completed shipment?

Any time a newly referred carrier accepts a shipment, it must be completed by a driver under that carrier’s Convoy carrier profile. The only shipments that will count towards the referral promotion bonus are ones that end up being driven and completed by the referred carrier. Any shipments that are cancelled due to shipper issues, shipper reschedule, truck issues, driver issues, or accidental acceptance (or others) will not qualify for the bonus payment.

Who do I contact if I have questions?


Please email if you have any questions.


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