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Alcohol Permit Requirements by State

If you are hauling a Convoy load that requires the carrier to have a state issued alcohol movement permit, you may refer to the table below for the contact information of the relevant issuing agency in the state you will be picking up, delivering, or transporting through and some general permit requirements. The following is general reference information only and should not be relied upon or construed as legal advice. Please contact the listed agencies for the most up to date requirements.


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State Permit Type Within From To Through Agency
ALABAMA  N/A         Alabama ABC Board, Enforcement Division
ALASKA  N/A         Alaska Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office
ARIZONA  N/A         Arizona Dept of Liquor, Licenses & Control
ARKANSAS    x  x  x  x Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division
CALIFORNIA        x   California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
COLORADO           Dept of Revenue, Liquor Enforcement Division
CONNECTICUT  Annual  x  x  x   Dept of Consumer Protection, Division of Liquor Control
DELAWARE           Delaware Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA    x    x   Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Admin.
FLORIDA  N/A         Florida Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco
GEORGIA  N/A         Dept of Revenue, Alcohol & Tobacco Tax Division
        Liquor Commmission City and County of Honolulu
Department of Liquor Control County of Hawaii
Department of Liquor Control County of Kauai
Department of Liquor Control of Maui
IDAHO  N/A         Idaho State Liquor Dispensary
ILLINOIS  N/A         Illinois Liquor Control Commission
INDIANA  Annual  x  x  x  x Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission
IOWA  N/A         Iowa Liquor Commission, Alcohol Beverages Division
KANSAS  N/A         Kansas Dept of Revenue, Alcoholic Beverage Control
KENTUCKY    x  x  x  x Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control
LOUISIANA N/A [may be imported by common carriers only to licensed wholesale dealers         Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control
MAINE  N/A         Dept of Public Safety, Alcohol Control Board
MARYLAND  Annual  x  x  x  x Maryland Alcohol Licensing Association
MASSACHUSETTS  Annual  x  x  x   Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission
MICHIGAN  N/A         Liquor Control Commission, Licensing & Enforcement Div.
MINNESOTA  N/A         Minnesota Liquor Control Division
MISSISSIPPI  N/A         Alcoholic Beverage Control Division
MISSOURI N/A for carriers issued intrastate operating authority         Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control
MONTANA  N/A         Montana Dept of Revenue, Liquor Division
NEBRASKA  N/A         Nebraska Liquor Control Division
NEVADA  N/A         Dept of Taxation, Revenue Division
NEW HAMPSHIRE  N/A  x  x  x   New Hampshire State Liquor Commission
NEW JERSEY Annual or Single Trip  x  x  x   Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Dept of Law & Public Safety
NEW MEXICO Three-Year  x  x  x  x Alcoholic Beverage Control
NEW YORK Annual  x  x  x   New York State Liquor Authority District Office
NORTH CAROLINA Permanent  x  x  x  x Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission
NORTH DAKOTA N/A         Office of the State Tax Commissioner, Alcohol Tax Section
OHIO Annual  x  x  x   Ohio Dept of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control
OKLAHOMA Annual  x  x  x  x Oklahoma Alcoholic Bev. Laws Enforcement Commission
OREGON  N/A         Oregon Liquor Control Commission
PENNSYLVANIA  Annual  x  x  x   Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, Bureau of Licensing
RHODE ISLAND  N/A         Dept of Business Regulation, Comml Licensing
SOUTH CAROLINA  N/A         Dept of Revenue & Taxation, Alcohol Control Board
SOUTH DAKOTA Annual x x x   Dept of Revenue & Regulation, Special Taxes Division
TENNESSEE N/A         Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission
TEXAS  Two-Year  x  x  x   Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Capitol Station
UTAH  N/A         Dept of Alcoholic Beverage Control
VERMONT  N/A         Dept of Liquor Control
VIRGINIA  Permanent  x  x  x  x Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority
WASHINGTON  N/A         State of Washington, Liquor Control Board
WEST VIRGINIA  Annual  x  x  x  x West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Admin, Licensing Div
WISCONSIN  N/A         Wisconsin Dept of Revenue, Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement
WYOMING  N/A         Wyoming Liquor Division
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