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Early Access to Loads

Service quality is important to Convoy and our customers. Early access rewards high performing carriers with the ability to book loads before others in Convoy's network. Loads are automatically available to qualified carriers during their early access window, no special sign up is required. All dispatch-ready carriers have the opportunity to qualify for early access.

  1. How does a carrier qualify for early access?
    Carriers must have hauled at least 10 shipments in the past 60 days and have an Excellent or Acceptable quality rating for on-time, falloff and app usage. Eligibility is determined on an ongoing basis. If your carrier no longer meets the criteria, you will no longer be able to book loads during the early access window.
  2. Where can I see if I’m qualified for early access?
    Status is visible in the Profile under Account Status in the app or on the web.
  3. How do I find early access loads?
    You’ll find early access on the Convoy load board and in your search results just like any other load. Early access loads will have a small banner above the pick up city that indicates the time remaining in early access. You can also use the “Sort & Filter” menu on the load board to show or hide early access loads.
  4. How long is the early access window?
    The length of time will vary. We strongly recommend creating saved searches for your favorite lanes with notifications turned on to ensure you're aware of new loads.
  5. Does every load have early access?
    No, not all loads will have an early access window.
  6. If I don’t qualify for early access, will I still be able to see the loads in early access?
    Yes. All the loads will still be visible, but you won’t be able to bid on those in early access. Using the “Sort & Filter” menu you can hide loads in early access. You’ll automatically gain access to early access loads whenever you meet the eligibility criteria.
  7. Why is Convoy giving high performing carriers early access to some loads?
    We believe carriers with a track record of high performance deserve to be rewarded. Early access is one way we can show gratitude to carriers that continuously raise the bar.
  8. How many carriers have early access?
    There is no fixed number. The eligibility requirements are intended to be achievable and accessible to all carriers in Convoy’s network.
  9. How can I report a problem with my load history or scorecard?
    If you believe a load may be impacting your score in error, navigate to the shipment in the Convoy app / Carrier Web and click Request Review. Our team will respond to your request within 24 business hours.
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